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Our Recent Work

Auto Affiliate

Revenue generating Amazon affiliate bot.

Twitter API
A gif that shows rotating screenshots of deals tweeted on the @pluggrr twitter account by Auto Affiliate.
A gif showing the coin sense app updating a crypto portfolio every couple seconds.

Coin Sense

Real-time cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.

Web Scraping

Stay Awake

Minimalist computer sleep prevention app.

A gif showcasing the Stay Awake user interface in action.

A unicorn dev team in my pocket.

We do it all

Automation & Scripting

Automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, & improve efficiency with custom-built scripts that save time, money, effort, & more.

Backend Web Development

Secure backend solutions for web applications, data processing & APIs with optimal performance & functionality.

Desktop Applications

Unique desktop applications with user centered design & robust functionality, customized to meet your specific requirements.

Data Science & Analytics

Unleash data-driven growth by extracting insights, performing analysis, & building predictive models.

Web Scraping

Outpace competitors with web scraping, extracting valuable data for market research, competitive analysis, & actionable insights.

Machine Learning & AI

Harness the power of AI, machine learning, & computer vision to revolutionize operations, drive innovation, & unlock new potential.

Embedded Systems & IoT

Bridge software & hardware to create smart systems. Our solutions enable physical integration.

Custom Software Solutions

Craft custom software solutions perfectly aligned with your unique needs, tailored to your business requirements.

How it works

1 - Choose a plan


Choose the right plan for you, you'll receive the link to your personal Trello board shortly after.

2 - Request


Add unlimited requests to Trello and activate one for us to start working on immediately.

3 - Receive


Once we finish crafting your code, we'll share the private GitHub link in your active request on Trello.

4 - Approve


Once you have your code up and running, you can return to Trello to either approve the active request or provide comments for further changes.

5 - Repeat


while True:

How can we offer this?


Python's unmatched efficiency, rapid development, & limitless capabilities drive our unlimited software development plan.


Embrace a new standard of productivity with our zero-meeting philosophy. Our commitment to tangible deliverables turbocharges our disruptive pricing.


We have fully automated the boring stuff. Our workflow is obsessively designed to enable code writing, nearing 100% efficiency.

Poket Dev is our secret weapon.

Cost Comparison

Poket Dev
Base Salary:
Payroll Taxes: 
Paid Time Off:
401k Match:
Office Space:
Sign Bonus:
$18,875/mo + 
$13,000 Added Costs

*Data provided by Glassdoor. Employee costs are based off the average Senior Software Engineer in the United States of America. National averages as percentage of base salary: Benefits 35%, Payroll Taxes 15%, Bonus 15%, Retirement Match 8%. Paid Time Off: 10 vacation days, 5 sick days, 10 holidays.

Poket Dev is software engineering enlightenment.

Choose the right plan for you

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Save $500 per month
Paid quarterly
Book a call
  • Unlimited Python Development
    Unlimited requests
    Unlimited users
  • Unlimited features/requirements
  • Unlimited refactors/bug fixes
  • Cancel anytime
    Absolutely zero commitment, hidden fees, or penalties


Save $1000 per month
Paid yearly
Book a call
  • Unlimited Python Development
    Unlimited requests
    Unlimited users
  • Unlimited features/requirements
  • Unlimited refactors/bug fixes
  • Cancel anytime
    Absolutely zero commitment, hidden fees, or penalties

Frequently asked questions

How do I start?

After subscribing to a plan, you'll receive an email shortly after granting access to your personal Trello board. That's all you'll need.

Feel free to book a call or reach out at if you have any questions before subscribing.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! It's our way of showing our appreciation for your support and trust in our services. Email us at to receive your own personal promo code that tracks your sales. The promo code gives each new customer $500 off their first month and you will receive a referral bonus of $500 for each sale. The payment will be made to you via wire/electronic transfer to your provided bank account. You do not need to be a current Poket Dev customer. There is no limit on how much you can earn.

What are your working hours?

We operate Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays.

How do I submit a request?

You can add unlimited request cards to the "Requests" column on your personal Trello board. Once you're ready for us to start working on a request, simply move it to the "Active Request" column and we'll start working on it. Please note that only one request can be active at a time.

How do I receive the completed code?

Upon completion of your active request, we deliver the code directly to you through a private GitHub Repository. The link to your repository will be shared in the corresponding request card on Trello, ensuring secure and convenient access to your code and simple instructions.

What options do I have once I have received the code?

Once your new software is up and running, you have two options on your Trello board:

1. Approve: If you are satisfied with the delivered code, you can move the active request card to the "Approved" column. This allows you to move a new request from the "Requests" column to the "Active Request" column so we can start working on it for you.

2. Request Changes: If you require any changes such as refactoring, bug fixes, or additional features, simply leave a comment on the request card. Keep the card in the "Active Request" column, and we will work on delivering further enhancements based on your feedback.

How do unlimited requests work?

You're able to add an unlimited amount of requests to your Trello board and they will be delivered one by one.

What if I have one large request?

Whether you have endless small requests or a single large request, we are well-equipped to handle them all. In the case of a large request, we apply a continuous development approach, delivering features as the project progresses. This incremental delivery method enables you to provide feedback along the way, ensuring that the final result meets your expectations.

How is the code quality?

We maintain high code quality through the following practices:

Coding Standard: We follow PEP 8 guidelines.
: We use BLACK for consistent code formatting.
README: Clear instructions to easily guide you.
Linting: FLAKE8 helps catch errors and enforce coding conventions.
Code Analysis: RADON measures code complexity and maintainability.
Security: BANDIT scans for potential vulnerabilities.
Import Sorting: ISORT organizes import statements.
Type Checking: MYPY performs static type checking.

We provide multiple convenient options to run the code based on your preferences:

Docker: Enables containerized seamless deployment and portability.
Poetry: Simplifies dependency management and execution.
requirements.txt: Lists project dependencies for easy installation with pip.

What tools will I use?

Trello: You don't need prior Trello experience, it's very simple to use. Your personal Trello board serves as your "all-in-one" Poket Dev dashboard. It features our workflow columns such a Unlimited Requests, Active Request, and Approved. It also includes a "Start Here" column with all the info you need such as guides and managing your subscription.

GitHub: Being familiar with the GitHub basics is plenty. We use GitHub to deliver code developed for each of your requests. Each request will have its own GitHub repository, which will be shared with you through the Trello request card.

Python: You or someone on your team should have a working knowledge of Python. All code we deliver to you at Poket Dev is written in Python. We will always include detailed instructions in the repo README for multiple methods to setup and run the code, but as with all code, requires a working knowledge of language to use.

Do you have an example Trello board?

Of course! Checkout this example Trello board to see how easy it is to use Poket Dev. Shortly after subscribing you'll receive a personalized board tailored to your company, mirroring the one provided as an example.

Shouldn't I just hire employees?

Hiring software engineers is costly and has additional overhead such as recruitment, onboarding, training, retention, turnover, management, team dynamics, compliance obligations, administrative tasks, scalability limitations, resource inefficiencies, market competition for talent, staying up-to-date with evolving technologies, maintaining a competitive compensation package, hidden costs, productivity, and adhering to legal guidelines such as employment laws, intellectual property protection, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, and potential legal disputes.

Poket Dev eliminates all of that.

Who is Poket Dev best suited for?

Poket Dev caters to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our services are well-suited for a wide range of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, enterprises, small businesses, and more.  Whether you need to scale your development team, or want to enhance your software capabilities, Poket Dev is here to provide a simple comprehensive solution for you.

Who's writing my code?

At Poket Dev, you have the unique opportunity to work directly with me, the founder — an experienced senior software engineer who holds a computer science degree and brings over a decade of extensive work experience across Fortune 500 companies, startups, freelancing, and open source. With specialized expertise in Python and a deep understanding of the diverse fields within software engineering, Poket Dev always ensures the delivery of exceptional code that meets your requirements with precision and excellence.

Why are there a limited number of spots?

To provide personalized attention and maintain the highest level of quality, we only offer a limited number of spots to our Unlimited Software Engineering Subscription. This ensures dedicated resources and focused expertise for each customer, resulting in exceptional results and a superior experience.

What options do I have if my request cannot be fulfilled?

If your request is within the scope of Python and technically feasible, we are highly proficient in developing it. However, with the occasional request that exceeds Python's capabilities, we will quickly communicate with you via the comments on this request card in your Trello board. This enables us to swiftly address the situation by either suggesting modifications to the request or allowing the selection of a new request, ensuring that we can efficiently continue our work for you without delay.

How quickly are requests finished?

Our typical turnaround time for the average request is 72 hours; however, this duration can vary significantly based on the length and complexity of the specific request. We complete all requests as quickly as possible while ensuring attention to detail and maintaining the highest quality standards.

How do we communicate?

Our communication process is streamlined through your Trello board, where you can utilize comments on your request cards. At Poket Dev, we follow a no-meeting philosophy that prioritizes tangible coding. This approach forms the foundation of The Unlimited Software Development Plan, enabling us to deliver even more and higher-quality code to you at a flat price. If you have any questions or need additional information, or vice versa, we promptly address them through the comments on your request cards.

Can I request changes to previous code?

Yes, of course! If you'd like to request changes to any code we have delivered in the past, simply activate a new or previous request card with details of the desired modifications.

Do you offer different programming languages?

We exclusively offer Python. Python's versatility and efficiency are key factors enabling us to offer the Unlimited Software Development Plan at an affordable price.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Any time! You have complete control over your subscription at Poket Dev to cancel whenever you would like. There are no contracts, hidden fees, or commitments of any kind binding you. Managing your subscription can be done through your personal Trello board. If you decide to cancel, please note that the current month's fee is non-refundable but you can still enjoy access to our services for the remaining duration of the current month.

Do I lose access to my previous code when I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely not! When you cancel your subscription, you will still retain access to all the code that we have developed for you.

Do you offer refunds?

We are unable to offer refunds. However, we firmly believe in providing our customers with the freedom to cancel their subscription at any time. As always, there are no contracts, hidden fees, or commitments of any kind.

Where is Poket Dev located?

Poket Dev, LLC is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. All of your code is hand written in the Great Lakes State.